Touch For Health: Foundation

Touch for Health was originated by the late Dr John Thie. His aim was to provide lay people with simple but highly effective techniques to help themselves, friends and family. However, it soon became obvious that health professionals from all backgrounds were attending his workshop and Touch for Health is now also seen as a foundation for professional training or as an adjunct to current practices.

Touch for Health Kinesiology is a system of natural health care which combines the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine with more orthodox techniques. Muscle monitoring is used to assess energy and body function before a range of gentle, yet powerful, healing techniques are applied to improve health, well being and vitality.

Touch for Health is accredited by the Kinesiology Federation and certified by the International Kinesiology College.

Exceeded expectations as it provided me with the confidence I needed to progress.
— JF, 2015

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Life changing and self-empowering.
— MF, 2015
You can’t predict how much impact this course [TFH IV] will have on your life.
— HB, 2011